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Soykal Machine

Soykal Machine and Electricity is found to supply high quality products for the industrial automation and medical sectors, serve technical solutions and share the technological changes in the world with our solution partners and customers. Our aim is letting our solution partners reach high quality products and helping them to increase their competition power.

For this aim, our engineers present to our solution partners a wide range of products that they need or can need. After the delivery of the determined products, they continue their service with after-sales support.

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The medical sector is growing up day by day due to ecological factors and increase in population. Soykal is a leader firm that supports the medical bed producers by its linear actuators, dual actuators, side rails, head sets and wheels.

Soykal’s first priority is always the human health and life comfort.


Based on hydraulic power system and pneumatic system, electrical drive systems are a more compact system with agricultural, construction, mining and ventilation equipment applications. Soykal offers solutions in the application and operation of ventilation equipment of industrial agricultural machines and small cattle farms by its multi-functional low-cost actuators.


Today, an ordinary person spends 90% of his life in a closed room. That’s why Soykal aims to introduce a higher quality, more comfortable and more quiet life in the furniture sector. Soykal is the solution partner of the home and office furniture producers by its linear actuators.