Quality Products Supplier,Technical Solution Partner In Medical Sector

SOYKAL MACHINERY AND ELECTRICTY is established to supply quality and reliable products for
industrial automation and medical sectors.Soykal,provide technical solutions and share technology
advances with solution partners.

SOYKAL aims to meet quality products with our customers.For this purpose,our engineers start to
work with presenting wide range products to customers ,after that we continue service by after
sales support stage.


Our Business Areas

MEDICALMedikal Sektöründe SoykalWith the explosive growth of the global population, the challenges facing the medical industry are also increasing. Higher requirements are placed on medical staff when treating weak or obese patients. Soykal products have good quality,high-performance and long-endurance, provided with strict medical standards in waterproof resistant to corrosion. OEM and ODM are both available.
INDUSTRYEndüstriyel Sektöründe SoykalCompared to normal hydraulic power system and Pneumatic dynamical system applied in agriculture, construction, mining and ventalition equipments, electrical drive system could be more compact, multi-functional with lower cost which makes it more and more popular. SOYKAL  products can provide thorough ODM solutions in above fields, we would be glad to be consulted.
FURNITUREMobil sektöründe SoykalFor a long time, on the premise of satisfying the user’s comfort for home, more users have begun to pursue the intelligence of household products. How can we make the tired body quickly relieved after work?SOYKAL has  “smart and comfortable home” solutions.
HOME CAREEv Bakımı Sektöründe SoykalHave you ever been sitting in front of a company computer for awhole day, feeling uncomfortable and dizzy after work? Studies show that thehealth problems of cervical and lumbar spine are increasingly becoming a majör killer of company employees. In view of this, SOYKAL has lifting desks, advocating employees to form a “sit-stand”working habits